The QLD Superkart Club is a grassroots club dedicated to building a strong, family oriented motorsport community, fostering partnerships, and promoting the growth and sustainability of Superkart racing in Queensland and Australia.


Our vision is to be a premier grassroots motorsport club, fostering a community where people of all backgrounds and ages come together to share their passion for driving and racing. We see a community where enthusiasts gather supported by a network that provides resources, education, and opportunities for growth. Our vision is to create a legacy of motorsport supporters who not only excel on the track but also contribute positively to the broader motorsport community.


1.      Community Engagement : Fostering a community of motorsport enthusiasts and working with businesses to promote community engagement and build a sense of community.

2.      Partnership and Collaboration: Collaborating with affiliated industries such as engineering works, metal suppliers, and composite material manufacturers to support the maintenance and improvement of racing machines.

3.      Promotion of Grassroots Motorsport: Actively promoting and facilitating Superkart racing in Queensland to encourage participation in grassroots motorsport.

4.      Commitment to Affiliated Industries: Recognising the importance of affiliated industries and their role in supporting and growing motorsport in Queensland.


“Queensland’s Premier home of Superkart Racing”