2024 Round 2 Ultimate Steel Framing Superkart Series Results

250 International

1st Russell Jamieson

Great to see 2 of the big gun 250 International’s out on track this weekend and word on the grapevine is it could be 4 by Round 3 😎

Russell Jamieson was the man to beat in qualifying taking pole from Ant Basile by just over 1 second.

Unfortunately Ant didn’t have a great weekend with the rear cylinder deciding to go bang in race 1😭 a mammoth effort by the Coach Design Crew saw him back on Sunday morning but the same issue with the spare motor after only 2 laps into race 3 and that was the weekend done for him.

Russell was lighting quick and easily took wins in the first 3 races and set an outright lap record for the switchback layout for a Superkart with a 1:02.0!

A rare mistake from Russ saw him get out on the curb coming onto the straight in race 4 which sent the kart into a huge tank slappa and sent him towards the pit wall 🫣 thankfully he was able to help it off the wall but wasn’t able to get back on track.


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2024 Round 2 Ultimate Steel Framing Superkart Series

125 TAG Light Results

1. Jack Murray

Fantastic to see Jack back on track again after his debut with the club in 2023. This was his first experience of the ‘Switchback’ layout at Queensland Raceway and he handled it like a champ.

Keeping it on the black stuff and improving his lap times every session was the name of the game and that’s what exactly what he did! Now we just need to get a few more Rotax lights on track to really test Jack’s race craft 😉


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2024 Round 2 Ultimate Steel Framing Superkart Series

85cc Gearbox Results

1. Casey Le Garde

2. Brett Jex

Casey Le Garde was absolutely flying around the tight switchback layout punching out some very impressive lap times from the mighty 85cc passing some of the larger capacity karts.

Unfortunately his weekend wasn’t without drama with the temperature going off the clock in race 4 forcing him to retire and miss the handicap race 😭 which given his pace he had a real chance of winning.

Brett Jex made his Superkart debut and absolutely loved it, he was beaming from ear to ear 😁. He had a ripper day at practice on Friday and used to hit the ground running in qualifying on Saturday. It was a bruising affair for him and he quickly learned the importance of a well fitting seat.


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2024 Round 2 Ultimate Steel Framing Superkart Series

125 TAG Heavy

1st: Andrew Cain

Stepping back from the 125GB into his trusty Rotax Heavy this weekend it was set to be a battle Royale between Andrew Cain and David Dyson for NGB honours but Dave’s gremlin from Round 1 reared its head again and curtailed any chance of him putting up a proper fight against the 2023 Champion 😭

Dave should have his issue sorted by Round 3 and we can see a proper fight between these two heavyweights of the Rotax class. Andrew put in a flawless performance all weekend and showed why he was the 2023 🏆

Got a Rotax sitting in the shed gathering dust? Dust it off and get in contact with the club and find out how you can join the Superkart Family and enjoy hitting speeds of 160+kmh!


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2024 Round 2 Ultimate Steel Framing Superkart Series Results

125 National

1st Doug Amiss

2nd Tim Philp

3rd Ewen Burg

A big field of 125 karts this weekend promised plenty of action and they didn’t disappoint! Doug Amiss used Friday’s practice session dialling out some fuel surge issues to great effect by taking home the $100 prize provided by Boost Capital Private Lending for pole position.

Race 1 putting in a fresh set of rear brake pads proved to be Doug’s undoing causing him to lock the rear tyres on more than one occasion and ultimately resulted in a spin dropping the pole sitter down to 7th overall and 3rd in class. Tim Philp grabbed the opportunity with both hands and took a commanding win and knocking on the door of a new 125 Lap Record. Ewen Burg having to come from the back after a spin in qualifying managed to charge through to take home second in class.

Race 2 had a similar script with Tim Philp clearing away at the front and missing out on the lap record by 0.04 on the way to a comfortable win from Ewen Burg who was chasing hard but ultimately came up short and had to settle for second place and Doug Amiss in third overall.

Race 3 was a war of attrition with 4/5 karts failing to make the finish! Tim Philp, Ewen Burg, Roger Dyke and Lindsay Jamieson suffering DNF’s. Doug Amiss took full advantage taking home his first win of the weekend!

Race 4 Both Tim and Ewen had to do it the hard way coming from the rear of grid but they both had speed to burn carving their way through the field with Tim once again taking out top honours from Ewen and Doug Amiss once again 3rd overall.

With 2 possibly 3 new members and 1 returning member for Round 3 the 125 class is going to go off🎉.

Get in contact and find out how you can get involved in Queensland’s Premier Home of Superkart Racing!


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2024 Round 2 Ultimate Steel Framing Superkart Series Results:

250 National

1st Tim Weier

2nd Craig Hillier

3rd Lachlan Crisp

6 250 Nationals the biggest field since 2014 lined up for a crack at the Boost Capital Private Lending Pole Position.

Tim Weier smashed the existing lap record by almost 3 seconds to take home the $100 🤑 Craig Hillier was a close second.

Race 1 saw Tim make the most of his pole position to leap away into an early lead from which he was never troubled lowering the lap record even further with a 1:05.3, the battle for second was raging between Craig Hillier and Lachlan Crisp until Craig struck fuel pressure issues and forced him to retire on lap 5 taking the pressure off Lachlan who cruised to second place. Brad Hall took out third and Tony Fiveash making his debut took home 4th in class.

Race 2

Tim once again was untouched at the front lowering the lap record even further down to a 1:05.1. Lachlan and Craig once again locked horns in the battle for second and Lachlan had the edge and proved too fast for Craig taking home second with Craig in 3rd.

Race 3

Lachlan and Craig were battling hard once again for second place with Tim off in the distance but this time it was Craig who emerged triumphant as Lachlan started to feel the bruising effects of the switchback layout and slowed down as the race went on. Brad Hall and Tony Fiveash were having a great scrap for 4th place with Brad taking the honours this time.

Race 4

With Lachlan deciding to sit this one out all eyes were on for who would take out the final step on the podium provided nothing happened to Tim or Craig at the front and it was smooth sailing for both of them with Tim taking the overall race victory after a rare error from Russell Jamieson and Craig took home second place. It was Tony Fiveash who turned the tables on Brad from Race 3 to take out the final step on the podium and bag himself a chunk of points in the process.

Round 3 could see up to 8 250’s on track 😎 how good is that going to be👌

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