Race 3 from Phillip Is 125 cc Tim Philp kart

Some great 125 cc Gearbox  action at Phillip Island 2014 Shannons Australian Superkart championship

Bernie and Tim Weier spent the morning testing the Gas Gas after a engine rebuild and and to check what HP it was putting out.

A few runs with different timing and jetting changes saw some very impressive numbers on Craig's Dyno..

No excuses now boys...

See it in action...

3rd Session of the Day, Stuart Starts in this one before handing over to me.

Take a look at the You Tube video of Jason running the new DEA to see what it has got... on Craig Philp chassis dyno

Jason, braves the new DEA Anderson .. ready for its first dyno run. The link below runs a video of Jason older FPE on Craig's dyno runs.

Some great 125cc Gearbox action from Matt Bass's kart at Phillip Island.

USA Karting Promotion.

Footage and quick lap of Morgan Park Queensland.