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ZS Motorsports lead driver, Zoe Smith, has decided to try Superkart racing for 2018.

This shot were taken at the Annual Des Carsburg Memorial Cup, which was held at my home track (Nudgee) this season. Hanging the tail out is such a great feeling.

Shot were taken at the annual Des Carsburg Memorial Cup. As you can probably see, I’m either sideways or tuning. I truly can’t get enough of this track as each heat can present me with a different line or condition, ultimately teaching me a new way to approach corners and straights all day long. Rain, hail or shine this track always comes to you and I love racing it whenever I can.

This was taken on the day of the first test and tune of the 2017-18 season. With a brand-new setup and first time in modified, racing alongside the 125’s was a fun and new experience that I can’t wait to do again! Dad told me to push the karts limits as much as I could to see what it was capable of in anticipation for the Queensland Titles and, I did just that. I made sure to exit every corner of Nudgee completely sideways, just hoping it would give in and spin but, must to my surprise (at the time) the Omega held its form and drove like an Omega should! Little did I know at the time, this day would set me up for a multitude of saves and near misses which ultimately rewarded me 2nd place in Queensland.

This was another shot taken at a Test and Tune Meeting. As we had a new setup and a new class to get used to, this was one of the best days I’ve had this season. This is purely because I rarely get to dedicate a meet to tuning and just mucking around in an attempt to see how far my kart will take me before losing it to a spin.

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The 2018 Superkart season is an oppertunity to pilot the AZ Kart/ Kawasaki 85cc Superkart at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway. Looking forward to mixing it with the boys. BRING IT ON