85cc Gearbox

85cc Gearbox Class

The most common engine used in this class is the water cooled YZ80 and YZ85 Yamaha and Honda CR80 and CR85. These engines use a 6 speed gearbox and can rev to 16000 R.P.M. These little engines are developing about 30 horsepower and can get up to speeds of 170kph. Most of the karts use four wheel disc brakes and many are now using full aero-dynamic body work. All 85cc Superkarts must comply with the 125cc Gearbox rules but with a maximum swept volume of 85cc and minimum weight of 160kg. A cost effective formula, easy to get parts with a lap time slightly faster than a Rotax Max but with the benefits of a 6 speed gearbox.

Purchase Costs

A new 85cc gearbox kart about $11000.00
A good secondhand kart about $3500.00 - $5500.00