250cc International

250cc International Class

These racing machines are not for the faint hearted, with the top speed of about 260kph plus, and upto 3.5 "G's" while cornering, braking and accelerating.

The 250cc International Superkart class is a international class raced all over the world, and is often referred to as "formula E" or Division 1. These karts have a range of twin cylinder engines that are producing 90 horsepower + in a kart and driver weight only 215kg's. The power to weight ratio makes these karts incredibly fast.

A lot of these karts are just great engineering creations, with many using high tech electronics in engine management controllers etc. The 250cc International Superkarts actually hold many outright lap records for full size circuits and are often quicker than the current V8 Supercars.

Purchase Costs: A new 250 International Kart $30000- $40000.

A good secondhand kart about $10000-$25000