125cc Gearbox Stock Honda

125cc Gearbox Stock Honda Class.

Stock Honda - The missing link in Australian Superkarting

What is a Stock Honda?

Stock Honda Superkart is a 125cc Honda CR125 engine kart that can be raced wherever Superkarts are raced within Australia. It utilizes a 6 speed gearbox and the engine package is limited to only a standard specified configuration that ensures reliability and an equal playing field with very low running and maintenance costs.

These engine packages for karting are formally recognized by Honda Japan and USA and as such have communicated to maintain commitment in the supply and manufacture of all engine parts and kits to service ‘Stock Honda’ karting into the future.

Within the USA, this very class of engine has become the largest form of kart racing by over 10 fold than any other form of karting currently recognized. The success of this engine formula attracts karting drivers from each corner of the USA from the very elite to first timers without any changes to the engine specifications.

Why a Stock Honda Superkart?

Stock Honda Superkart is designed as entry level into Australia Gearbox Superkart racing. The reason being is because it can be purchased, assembled, raced and serviced with very little knowledge to any gearbox karting. There is no fear for any novice competitor in maintaining reliability and performance using cost effective new consumables to maintain their limited budgeted season. The time preparation between race meetings is also very low which also attracts much interest to competitors who have a busy lifestyle to maintain outside of their chosen sport.

Currently there is a huge steeping stone from the Superkart NGB classes into the Gearbox classes both in cost and specific knowledge in engine performance tuning. History has shown that many people cannot make this transition and are either stuck in NGB or lost to Australian Superkarting.

The Stock Honda chassis are ready made, unmodified, all brands CIK Homologated/ tagged Shifter Kart chassis that are available on the shelf at any kart racing store Australia wide. This is a big difference to the ‘open class’ Superkart chassis where only 2 brands are currently available within Australia, while all other chassis must be ‘self’ imported from Europe.

Stock Honda Superkarts for the past 2.5 years have being assembled and raced by competitors in Gearbox category who would normally not undertake the "open class(s)" of Superkarts. They are attracted to Stock Honda because they would like to race with a gearbox Superkart knowing they can maintain their budget, reliability and do so on their own, without outside assistance of special fabrication(s) and set-up all while knowing their equipment is equally competitive as all other Stock Honda Superkarts.

What are the basic costs for a Stock Honda Superkart package?

Complete "All Brand New" engine and chassis turnkey race package is approx. $12,000. Costs are lower with used chassis or engine packages; however competitiveness is still maintained amongst the used Stock Honda Superkarts. Second hand costs approx. $7500.

This cost also ties in well when closing the gap between Superkart NGB and ‘open class’ Gearbox Superkart.