Rd 6 Morgan Park Warwick

QLD Superkart Club Race Report
The Last Hurrah

Morgan Park Raceway
By Caitlin Lane


The final round of the year took the QLD Superkart Club back to Morgan Park Raceway for their final hurrah for the year. This track produces some of the most exciting racing of the calendar and with 8 competitors for the season final we could look forward to drama at every turn and battles that make those of history look bland.

Morgan Park Lap Records Tumble

After a great race meeting at the Morgan Park Raceway Warwick last week, a number of the old track lap records were broke..

Great to see, new and old drivers still trying hard... I know Doug Amiss was not far away from the 125GB record.. he was in the low 1.20's  with his new Anderson/TM powered machine

Morgan Park Warwick 100 Round 5

Round 5 Race Report

Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick

Words: Caitlin Lane Images: Chaira La Spina Photography


Round 5 took the QLD Superkart Club back to majestic Morgan Park Raceway for the first Warick 1000.  17 Karts made up the field for this weekend and after 2.5 months off of racing, everybody is ready and raring to go for another supercharged weekend of racing.