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Historic Cafe Racer gets closer to completion

Ian Smith passion for old motor cycle restoration is nearly complete with his latest toy having a run on Craig's Dyno.
Getting the four carb's jetted to run , and hit the 19,000 rpm mark took a few goes...
With only the baffles and straight exhaust pipes.. the neighbors got a real treat listing to this engine ring out at just under 19 thousand RPM....

New lease of life for older engines !

John and Luke Spalding spend a very productive morning at the dyno with Craig Philp programming a new IGNITECH digital ignition for their Honda RS125 97 model engine.

The Ignition, some new carby and intake mods,adjustments to the existing pipe have really enhance the power output of the standard 97 engine.

DYNO from 9HP to 110 HP

Craig has been busy with a range on new customers getting the benefit of understanding the power output of their engines. It is not about the "number" but rather about the power curve and then using that info to get your gearing and driving habits right.