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Yamaha YZ125 gets make over

Roger and Doug Amiss spent a productive morning testing some new bits that the Easter bunny had just dropped off...
A freshly ported cylinder and matched High Comp Head.. to match the new Pipe that had been made last year..
After a slow start due to some carby issues, finally got some really great improvements. Best came when we re-programmed the

Superkart Nationals Round 1 SMP 2015

Had a mixed few days at the 1st round at SMP 2015.
Was there really to do some testing of a customers engine as we are not running the 2nd round due to Tim's oversea's work commitments.
Some new bits to the front nosecone gave us some handing issue we did not except and only got on top of that in the last race.

Historic Cafe Racer gets closer to completion

Ian Smith passion for old motor cycle restoration is nearly complete with his latest toy having a run on Craig's Dyno.
Getting the four carb's jetted to run , and hit the 19,000 rpm mark took a few goes...
With only the baffles and straight exhaust pipes.. the neighbors got a real treat listing to this engine ring out at just under 19 thousand RPM....