Test Day Queensland Raceway ( Come & Try )

3 potential new members having their first go in a Superkart! And David Dyson trying his hand at a Gearbox kart!
Big thanks to Drene Jamieson on preparing and running all 4 karts with help from everyone else on the day.
Big grins from ear to ear and Greg took to the 125GB like a duck to water and he's already talking about a 250 National.

What they say.. !!!

Ric Gale.

"Qld superkarts, what a privilege it was today to have been given the opportunity to participate in todays practice day with a truly fantastic club full of people that are extremely enthusiastic about there sport and so willing to openly share there knowledge and experience. A huge thank you to the club and all involved today especially to Ray and Drene for all the help and getting me into an amazing superkart and around the track today. With a couple of minor technical issues throughout the day it was refreshing to see the assistance and effort offered and given from all the members to ensure everyone's kart got out on the track. What a fantastic sport, a brilliant club, really looking forward to the lakeside round."

Greg Hack

"I think Ric has said it perfectly ,
It certainly was a privilege to be handed a kart and let loose !!!
It was my first time jumping into anything other than a hire kart and it was definitely an experience!!
We met a few of the club members today, these guys aren't there because they have too nor looking to make a million bucks! The passion they have for the sport is clear and Drenes generosity is like none other!!
A huge thank you to all involved today, specially Drene for loaning me a weapon of a kart (I'm hooked) and to Ray for kitting me out in his 14 year olds gear
Already counting days for the next race !! And have the tough decision of what kart to get.."