QRDC Rd 4 Queensland Raceway Race Report

Round 4 QLD Superkarts

Queensland Raceway


Words: Caitlin Lane Images: Rose Photography and Chiara La Spina Photography.


Round 4 took the club back to Queensland Raceway for another high octane weekend of racing with 22 karts entered. The weather looked like it was going to be wet and cause some very interesting racing. 

As the Karts hit the track for a 20-minute Qualifying session the track would be a little moist and present a challenge for the drivers. Qualifying would produce so very exciting racing with several Karts not finishing due to mechanical issues. The #28 driven by Johnny La Spina would suffer from a seized Piston Ring causing it to drop power and miss race 1. #93 Keith Taylor in the Anderson Maverick wouldn’t end up finishing Qualifying along with #75 Scott Jamieson in his Stockman Honda. In the 85cc class #76 Drene Jamieson wouldn't even get a lap in.  The #89 Anderson Maverick was steered into pole position  by Tim Weier with a 1:16:9791. 

Race 1 would see #89 Tim Weier Start from pole and have an exciting battle with #61 Steve Murray throughout the race. The race would see some good racing in the mid-pack with a couple of Karts not finishing again. During the race, there would be several good battles in the rotax class between #16 Pete Nuske, #45 Leighton Cook, #48 Paul Prineas, #33 David Dyson and #16 Nick Marshall. #8 Coby Govoni would also be involved in battles with the Rotax guys. #77Arrow X1 of  Ben Longland didn’t finish again due to damage to the radiator and faced the possibility of not being back on track for the rest of the weekend. #6 Jonathan Bothamly would also not finish the race.#50 Brian Wild end race 1 with a DNS and decide to sit the rest of the weekend out. Tim Weier in the #89 Anderson Maverick would finish in top position with a 1:15:9977.

Race 2 would see the #89 Anderson Maverick driven by Tim Weier would start in P1. After sitting Race 2 out due to the piston ring seizure in Race 1 #28 Johnny La Spina would come back and battle #89 Tim Weier for the Race win. The story of the day continued with Kart either not finishing or simply not starting. Much like Race 1 there would be intense battles throughout the Rotax Class but this time #8 Coby Govoni would join in on the action with #48 Paul Prinineas. This time #77 Ben Longland wouldn’t even make it out of the garage due to battery failure, #75 Scott Jameison, #61 Steve Murray, #69 Ben Smith, and #76 Drene Jameison wouldn’t finish due to mechanical issues. Johnny La Spina steered the #28 Stockman MR2 to his maiden win in the 250 International class.

After a hectic day throughout the pits, all club members enjoyed a BBQ and discussed club matters. Day two of competition is a new day and a fresh start for the drivers that had issues.  

Day two of what had been so far a highly chaotic weekend of racing with several karts needing repairs and hairy track conditions. As everybody was gearing up for racing to begin the skies were again gloomy posing the question of wets or slicks with everybody electing to run slicks however a few would change to wets before the race started. 

Race 3 would see the track under gloomy skies and sketchy race conditions. Much like the rest of the weekend, there would be intense battles and karts not making back to the pits without a tow or trailer. Both #69 Ben Smith and #75 Scott Jamieson DNF due to mechanical issues. There would be more action packed inter class battles between the Rotax guys again with some fierce rivalries forming amongst the Rotaxs and Coby Govoni from 85cc. #61 Pvp 250 gasgas driven by Steve Murray would cross the line in first after an intense battle with #89 Tim Weier in the Anderson Maverick. Heading into Race 4 the sheds were a hive action with most making adjustments on their karts.

After a short break, the karts would hit the track again and for the first time on an almost dry track. But with the looming threat of more rain on the horizon, the karts lined up in marshaling for Race 4. With the sun starting to beam through the clouds and clouds clearing the racers would see some awesome racing skating through the corners. There would be few unlucky drivers that would either crashed or had mechanical dramas. Unfortunately, the curse of QR would strike again for #28 Johnny La Spina in his Stockman MR2 spinning into the Turn 2 gravel trap whilst trying to regain control. Along with Johnny the #34 of Darryl Bertrum and the #76 of Drene Jamieson would also end up with DNFs. Rivalries would flare yet again between the guys the Rotax class with high speed battles happening with the added heat from Coby Govoni from the 85cc class. After a thrilling battle between #61 Steve Murray and #89 Tim Weier, Steve Murray would end up crossing the line 1st.

The final race of the weekend would see the sun peeking through the clouds once again drying the track out further creating a dry racing line. As for the racing it was far from dull with adrenaline-pumping battles and a little heartbreak. Race 5 would see #6 Jonathon Bothamley, #34 Darryl Bertrum, #76 Drene Jamieson and #61 Steve Murray would all finish the round with DNFs due to mechanical issues. The story of the weekend would continue through the Rotax and 85cc class with some big battles between the drivers. #89 Tim Weier would conclude the weekend with a race win and round win. 

After a hectic weekend of racing, Championships would be extended and new-found bonds would be formed. Round 4 would see some intense battles forming between the Rotax competitors and new comer Coby Govoni from the 85cc class. As for the Rotax light class it would see Pete Nuske continue his reign of dominance with a round followed closely by Leighton Cook and Ben Longland. Rotax Heavy would see David Dyson take the round win with Nick Marshall and Paul Prineas following behind. New comer Coby Govoni would take out the round win as fellow competitors Bayley Douglas and Jack Westury wouldn’t even turn over a lap. The 125 National class would see Alex Hussey would take his second round win of the year followed by Darryl Bertrum and Scott Jamieson. Despite gloomy weather and difficult racing conditions with some club members left scratching their heads as how they as to why they had issues. Overall it was another great weekend of racing with many intense battles.