QRDC Rd 3 Queensland Raceway Race wrap up

What a day of fantastic racing and catastrophic blow ups for some. QRDC round 3 saw a lot of action for just a one day meeting.

Qualifying and 3 X 10 lap races meant no room for mistakes.

Unfortunately not everyone was prepared for what was a very cold track at 9AM this morning

Qualifying saw both 250 international entrants as well as 2/3 125 national entrants out.

Race 1 was nail biting and definitely kept onlookers on their toes.
All 5 250 national entrants battling for a podium until the very end Gareth Crisp would nab the win from his brother Lachlan with Tim Weier 3rd.
Alex Hussey kept his nose clean to pick up the win in 125 National, the battles in TAG light and TAG Heavy were just as heated and enthralling as the 250's.
Peter Nuske would hang on from Leighton Cook in TAG light while David Dyson nabbed the win in Heavy from Nick Marshall and Paul Prineas.
Bayley Douglas would hold off Ben Smith and Jack Westbury in 85cc Gearbox.

Race 2 will be one to remember for the La Spina racing team, writing off their Honda engine with a nasty hole in the bottom end, the grapevine is alive that a DEA might be on the way now Tim Weier grabbed the win from Steve Murray and Lachlan 3rd, Gareth was leading until his exhaust fell off. 
Alex Hussey continued on his winning ways in 125 national.
TAG heavy saw David Dyson's win streak rise followed closely by Nick Marshall after spinning out on the formation lap, Paul Pinreas DNF.
TAG light saw Peter Nuske's consistency pay off for the win yet again giving Leighton a tow. Bayley for the win in 85cc gearbox with Ben Smith in tow, bad luck for Jack who also DNF.
Despite all the DNF's some very close racing for some good results.

Race 3 with Johnny La Spina now out, found a new task in the commentators box with Mark Jones.
The pace at the front was hot with Tim and Gareth wheel to wheel early on. 
Gareth would eventually edge away from Tim, Lachlan tried to match the pace of the front pair but would ultimately have to settle for third.
Although Alex Hussey DNF for 125 National still took his first round win. 
TAG Light, Heavy and the 85 boys cranked it up to 11 for this one with plenty of drafting and passing all race long. 
Peter Nuske completed a clean sweep in TAG light from Leighton and Dan.
David Dyson cleaned up in Heavy from Paul Prineas, Nick Marshall spat a chain and put a hole in his radiator. 
Ben Smith grabbed the win in 85cc gearbox from Bayley and Jack.

Combined podium results:

85cc Gearbox
1st Bayley Douglas
2nd Ben Smith
3rd Jack Westbury

125cc NGB light
1st Peter Nuske
2nd Leighton Cook
3rd Daniel Sciarretta

125cc NGB heavy
1st David Dyson
2nd Nick Marshall
3rd Paul Prineas

125cc National
1st Alex Hussey

250cc National
1st Tim Weier
2nd Lachlan Crisp
3rd Gareth Crisp