QRDC Rd 2 Queensland Raceway


Less than perfect skies greeted the Superakart for round 2 of the 2019 championship at Queensland Raceway.  Qualifying got underway in dry conditions and it was the #89 from Weier Family Racing driven by Tim Weier who took pole position from AGL Motorsports driver Garteh Crisp.  With 9 250's entered this weekend there was always going to be plenty of action at the front.

Race 1 got underway with the front row making terrible starts that saw #79 Steve Cloake and #27 Johnny La Spina jump to the lead, it wasn't long before Tim had recovered from his poor start to get back into the lead on the start of lap 3 which also saw contact between #27 and #79 

knocking them both out of the race.  This let Tim clear away and was never challenged form here.  Further back #6 Jon Bothamely dominated the 125cc National Class from #7 Alex Hussey and #93 Keith Taylor. 

 #16 Peter Nuske took the win in 125 TAG Light chased hard by #45 Leighton Cook  and #15 Nick Marshall took the win in 125 TAG Heavy with his main competition #5 Bob Larance out for the weekend with rear brake trouble. 85cc Gearbox saw #37 Bayley Douglas on fire blitzing his main rival #4 Jack Westbury.

Race 2 had everyone scrambling before hand with either wet or dry tyres due to an error shower.  in the end slicks was the right choice but it was very much a 1 line race track.  #10 Lachlan Crisp AGL's other driver got an early lead while the rest squabbled over 2nd place which even saw light contact between #89 and #61 Steve Murray at turn 6.  Tim would ultimately fight his way back even with a sick kart from a cracked reed petal to grab the win after Lachlan had a radiator hose pop off 2 laps from home.  #50 Brian Wild was home first in 250 International. #6 Jon Bothamely had another comfortable victory in the 125 National Class.

Peter Nuske again showed why he's been the man to beat in the TAG class for the last few years, Leighton suffered some earlier engine issues which cost him time but his best overall lap was almost identical to Peter's which was encouraging if they sorted the engine issue.  #15 Nick Marshall had a cruisy victory over #48 Paul Prineas in TAG heavy while Bayley Douglas again dominated the 85cc class. 

Sunday saw bright and sunny blue skies for competitors and increased temperature compared to Saturday,

Race 3 and Weier Family Racing lead from the front only headed briefly by the #65 250 Twin of Mark Mazeck, Brian Wild would have a race long battle with #68 Michael Nicholas only to lose it on the last lap at the last corner with a spin allowing Michael through to take the class win.  Jon Botahmely was never headed in 125 National while Keith Taylor and Alex Hussey scrapping hard over 2nd place in class.   Peter Nuske would have to work hard for this class win when young Leighton showed him the way around for a couple of laps.  Nick Marshall took another win in TAG heavy from Paul and Jack Westbury got his first race win in 85cc Gearbox.  

Race 4 and 5 saw much of the same Tim dominated from the front while the other 250 Nats scrapped over 2nd place.  Brain Wild and Jon Bothamely would snag two more wins in teir respective classes.  Peter Nuske hung on bravely as Leighton applied the blow torch in both races.  Nick Marshall had a faultess run to beat Paul in both races.  Jack Westbury got 2 more race wins to claim his first round victory. 



250 International:

1st Brian Wild (PVP Yamaha)

2nd Mark Mazexk (PVP/PVP)

3rd Michael Nicholas (Stockman Yamaha)

250 National 

1st Tim Weier (Anderson GAS GAS)

2nd Johnny La Spina (PVP Honda)

3rd Lachlan Crisp (Anderson GAS GAS)

125 National

1st Jon Bothamely

2nd Alex Hussey

3rd Keith Taylor

125 TAG Light

1st Peter Nuske

2nd Leighton Cook

3rd Ben Longland

125 TAG heavy

1st Nick Marshall 

2nd Paul Prineas

85cc gearbox

1st Jack Westbury

2nd Bayley Douglas 


1st Tim Weier

2nd Brian Wild

3rd Jon Bothamely