Old & New Faces at Qld Superkarts Round 3 at Lakeside

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The scenic Lakeside Raceway hosted round 3 of the Queensland Superkarts Series with a mix of old and new faces competing.

Pole position was taken by the #89 Anderson Maverick driven by Timothy Weier. Coming a close 2nd was John La Spina in the #27 PVP and William Tait would qualify 3rd in Kart #25 the Stockman MR2. All racers would finish their first session of the weekend with their heads in the game looking forward to Race 1.

The Karts would later be back out on track for their first race of the weekend and put on high speed racing around Lakeside. Unfortunately for the number 26 Gladiator Yamaha 85 Gearbox Kart driven by Drene Jamieson would not finish race 1 after running out of fuel.

The club’s newest member Ben Longland would have a hairy moment at Turn 4 (Hungry) spinning in a 180 into the dirt and making note that he felt the Kart was going to flip – luckily, he didn’t and ended up finishing last. Timothy Weier (89 Anderson Maverick 250 Nat) took the race win his first for the weekend with a 0:54:97 being his quickest lap of the race. #27 John La Spina in the PVP 250 Nat would cross the line in second with a very pacey lap of 0:59:4569. Jonathon Bothamley put the #6 Formula 1 125 SK Kart in 3rd with very speedy lap of 0:59:7580 on lap 5.

Throughout the race an intense high-speed battle took place between Kart 37 Bayley Douglas Birel KZ (85cc Junior), #68 Michael Mitchel (85cc Gearbox) and #77 Ben Longland Arrow X1 (125 Non-Gearbox).

All competitors would make it back out on track for race 2 except William Tait due to a gearbox failure in his RS Honda.

The final race of the day at Lakeside would have another highly entertaining battle that happened throughout the race between #26 Drene Jamieson (85cc Gearbox Gladiator Yamaha), #37 Bayley Douglas (85cc Junior) and #77 Ben Longland (125 Non-Gearbox) which provided a great source of entertainment for spectators.

All three karts and their drivers would come back in with smiles on their faces saying how much they enjoyed the race with it being a highlight for the weekend. The top 3 would consist of #89 Timothy Weier (250 Nat), #6 Jonathon (125 Nat) and #27 John La Spina (250 Nat). Day 1 at Lakeside was a highly enjoyable day of racing for the driver and spectators with the hope William Tait re-joining the field on Day 2.

Day 2 of competition at the majestic Lakeside Raceway started with race 3 of the weekend kicking the day off with another exciting race. Race 3 had a high-speed battle throughout the race this time between #77 Ben Longland (125 Non-Gearbox) and #93 Keith Taylor (85cc Gearbox Gladiator Yamaha). The Anderson Maverick #89 Kart driven by Timothy Weier won the pace with a lap of 0:54:9384 on lap 4. The #27 PVP 250 Nat of John La Spina would take 2nd with a rather pacey 3rd lap of 0:57:4326 and Jonathon Bothamley in #6 the Formula 1 125 SK Gearbox came 3rd with a speedy 3rd lap of 0:59:3625. Race 3 gave the spectators a taste of what was to come for the rest of the day.

Race 4, the second last race of the weekend, had high pace racing throughout with #77 finding itself in a pocket all on its own which would see the Kart gain some speed but finish 11th overall. The number 89 Anderson Maverick 250 Nat steered by Timothy Weier would take the race win again with lap 7 being his fastest with a time of 0:55:2560. Alongside Timothy, Kart 27 John La Spina in a PVP 250 Nat and Kart 6 Jonathon Bothamley in a Formula 1 125 SK 125 Gearbox.

All karts finished the race with minor adjustments to make for the final race of the weekend to improve performance. William Tait made it back out on track after a heart transplant with a loan of another RS Honda from Drene Jamieson.

The final race of the weekend would again be a highly enjoyable race to watch with the club’s newest member #77 Ben Longland finishing 9th, his highest finish of the weekend with a 1:06:3073 on lap 4. In amongst a field of strong competitors, unfortunately there were 2 DNF’s – #6 Jonathon Bothemley due to a piston ring failure in his Formula 1 125 SK and #37 Bayley Douglas suffering from fuel surge/carby issues in his Birel KZ Kart.

Timothy Weier in the 89 Anderson Maverick 250 Nat Gearbox Kart won the race making it a clean sweep for the weekend with a speedy 0:55:2729 on lap 7. #27 John La Spina in the PVP 250 Nat would come 2nd with a hot lap of 0:58:1166 on lap 7. Following behind Karts 89 and 27 was #25 a Stockman MR2 driven by William Tait.

Round 3 at the beautiful Lakeside Raceway provided a good weekend of high speed entertainment for drivers and spectators. Drene Jamieson said “The racing in Race 2 was some of the best that he had been apart of for a while”. Thank you to all those who came and supported us on the weekend.

The Series moves onto Queensland Raceway for Round 4 on the 8th-9th of July be sure to come down and see us in action.