Aussie's do us PROUD in the UK Superkart Championships

SCOTT WILLIAMS ( facebook entry )
Sitting at Manchester Airport ready to fly home. A little disappointed in the final result but well happy about what we have been able to achieve getting three Aussie on the grid and one on the GP podium. A massive effort from a lot of people. Even know we didn’t win the GP with Jordie Ford in was an honour to see the GP plates running around on the kart. We won the two British championship races and got the round win. Mate your an absolute freak!! Lap record to boot and over a second faster than the next best.
Who knows what happens in the future, but it’s been a blast!

Tyler Williams , mate you did me proud. Never question your ability and enjoy every moment mate. It was a difficult weekend getting everything sorted but you proved you had pace mate. You made so many friends, not least Miss Stella!
All the boys want you back next year.

Nick Schembri what a little champion. You far exceeded my expectations for the weekend, qualifying second and only just missing out on winning an unbelievable GP by a foot!! Just remember to keep your chin up when things aren’t quite right as the end goal is always worth it.
To Russell Anderson, thanks mate for everything you have done for a fat Aussie with big dreams over the last four years. NONE of this would ever have happened without you. You made us feel at home and have taught us so much. An absolute pleasure to be associated with you. Enjoy your retirement 

To the Golden  Matthew Morrell, thanks so much for everything you’ve done both building the worlds best karts and getting us out of the shit at the track. Best you get your arse down under for a racetrack holiday sometime. 

Also to Dale and Mark at Anderson CSK, great laughs and congrats on building world class karts.

Plus a shout out to Andy Morley Liam Morley for there organising and friendship at the track. You boys are a class act.

Now to the sponsors, Les May Dunlop Kartsport/DK17, can’t thank you enough for your support from day 1, again couldn’t have done this without you and the best runner going around. Lap records in four different countries. Andrew Marriotts Ringabin, great to represent your company both in Australia and the UK, thanks mate. Bungy at Calder Landscaping thanks bud for helping out over the years, Victor Watts’s Cute and Cuddly Pony hire, Trinton Smith at ARS thanks too. Jarrod Sanfilippo thanks mate for your help over the journey as well. Got to also thank all my crew at Slipstream Signs for holding the fort while I’m away.

Dale Williams, shit bro I’ve put you through a lot and you keep on going. We’ve had highs and lows and keep on digging. The effort you put in is second to none. Nicks podium is a credit to your persistence . 

Courtney Ford, thanks for being so understanding of me taking the freak away. I’m sure I piss you off when I suggest more races!! Surely you want to see Paris again or possibly Florida though in the future??

And to Jacqueline Williams, fuck you put up witg my shit on a constant basis. Thankyou for everything you do at home and at work. I couldn’t exist without your support.

Think I got everything in this post, see everyone back in Australia.