2020 AGM Committee & Target Scrutinee


"The 1st of March saw the Queensland Superakrt Club Inc. come together at Coach Designs workshop for the 2020 Scrutineering day and Annual General Meeting.  The morning saw Phil Silcock and Brian Wild busy inspecting karts for compliance before pizza and subway was provided to feed everyone before the AGM kicked off. 



The 2020 AGM saw the committee as follows:

  • President - Timothy Weier

  • Vice-President - Neil Faulkner

  • Secretary - Benjamin Longland

  • Treasurer - Roger Amiss

General Comiittee members: 

  • Craig Philp

  • Drene Jamieson

  • Bernard Weier

  • Doug Amiss

NSA Representatives

  • Timothy Weier

  • Craig Philp

CAMS Representative 

  • Brian Wild

Looking forward to a big 2020 so make sure you're part of it!