Chermaz Takes Fairytale Final Win

The second round of the Exclusive Auto Centre Superkart Challenge Series and Rotax Max Superkart Cup arrived at Lakeside on April 7th. Long-time Queensland Superkart club member and multiple Queensland champion Carlo Chermaz was having his final race meeting in Australia before relocating with his young family to Italy. Led by the Smith family team the entire club was decked out in farewell t-shirts for Carlo, Claire and Sofia, all in SKE day-glo orange. Carlo rewarded the attention by winning the 250 International class against his oldest rival Steve Cloake. Jason Laker in his Stock-Honda though won overall against a strong showing from the 125s, Nationals and Internationals.

In the Exclusive Auto Centre Rotax Max Superkart Cup John Caruana took his first round victory after rain blighted the end of the days running. With the confidence to run on wet weather tyres on his Top Kart, Caruana took the points victory with Quintin Slabbert, Joe Sciacca and Sean Maberly left to fight over the minor placings.

Jason Smith was top qualifier in the Fuji Xerox/Zahl 1 Karting Anderson-FPE, 1.2 seconds ahead of Chermaz with Vince Livaditis third. Dan Lewis topped the 250 National class in fourth. Lindsay Jamieson was the fastest in 125 cc and Jason Laker was fastest of the two Stock Hondas in eleventh.

Races 1 and 2 evolved in much the same way. Smith took off while Chermaz and Livaditis fought over second which Chermaz won both time. The first race needed a drag race off the top of the Eastern Loop to decide. Fourth place was the domain of the 250 Nationals. Dan Lewis took fourth by ten seconds over Bernie Weier in race 1 ahead of Steve Cloake's twin and Joe Tyrrell with Sean Maberly next in class both times and a lap down. Lewis dropped out with exhaust issues in race 2 leaving Weier to bring the Anderson-GasGas home in fourth. Michael Nicholas was fifth in his Stockman-Yamaha twin from Tyrrell and Cloake. Maberly was a lap down in ninth, Paul Gregory was eleventh in the Spider Racing Anderson. Barry Kunowski's F1 was 13th with Justin Webb in the second Spider Racing 250 National entry was the last finisher in 15th.

In the 125 cc karts Grant Yarrow finished eighth in the Cougar-Honda in the first race, overtaking Jason Laker's BRM Stock Honda in the shadow of the chequered flag by less than two hundredths of a second. They were just ahead of Maberly's 'single'. Barry Kunowski 'single' similarly pipped Paul Davis at the line for eleventh, giving Davis second in 125 cc. Mark Vickers in his Arrow Stock-Honda was the only other finisher.

Race 2 saw Linday Jamieson finish well clear of the 125 cc field in eighth place. Laker was again Stock-Honda winner in tenth, just outlasting the closing Paul Gregory in his single. Vickers was much faster this time and was within seven seconds of Laker in 12th. Yarrow finished 14th with David dropping out on lap 3.

In the Exclusive Auto Centre Rotax Max Superkart Cup, Joe Sciacca qualified a tenth clear of Peter Nuske in his Wilkdkart and four-tenths up on Rotax Heavy driver Sean Maberly. Maberly's Light team mate Grant McKay was fourth ahead of John Caruana and Junior racer Quintin Slabbert. Warwick Donsky, Nick Marshall, Jason Shaw and Rod Tredgold completed the top ten. John Thorogood and Steve Scott were next while Stephen Kemmis had a troubled qualifying.

The first race saw a fantastic dice between Sciacca, Maberly, Nuske and Caruana. Sciacca won ahead of Maberly and Caruana. Nuske dropped down field on the last lap, finishing eighth. Grant McKay got the better of his fight with Jason Shaw. Warwick Donsky and visiting driver Cheng Hoa were next. Behind Nuske was Thorogood, Slabbert, Scott and Marshall. Tredgold and Kemmis were lapped.

Race 2 saw Sciacca and Maberly break away from the pack for a terrific dice. Slabbert started well and fought with Shaw and Caruana, with Nuske dropping from the dice in the early running. Sciacca would win by nine-thousandths of a second from Maberly. Slabbert broke away to three seconds up on the fourth place fight between Caruana and Shaw. They were seperated by six-tenths at the flag. Donsky finished sixth ahead of McKay. Steve Scott was have a second ahead Rod Tredgold. Marshall completed the top ten with Nuske, Thorogood and Kemmis making the finish.

A rain squall blew across across the circuit when Race 3 was about to begin for the Rotax Maxes. With a shortage of wet weather tyres the race was delayed but when it was finally called only two karts fronted. The race was delayed and the Sprintkarts joined the Superkarts for a single race on a wet but drying track at the end of the day.

Thanks to the dearth of wets, eight karts between both series started, Chermaz on pole with Cloake alongside. Lindsay Jamieson started third alongside Jason Laker. Mark Vickers and Barry Kunowski shared the third row with Quintin Slabbert and John Caruana sharing the fourth row.

Chermaz quickly climbed away from the pack with Laker's BRM in second, the Stock-Honda excelling in the damp conditions. Cloake and Jamieson followed with Vickers, Slabbert, Kunowski and Caruana completing the order. Cloake was having difficulty in the conditions, dropping to sixth as the race went on. The only other change for position saw Jamieson catch and pass Laker with two laps to go.

Jason Laker won the Stock-Honda class in all three races. With the variety of results in other classes it was enough to win the day. Chermaz race win was enough to climb past non-starter Jason Smith to win 250 International and place second overall ahead of Smith. Mark Vickers finished second in Stock-Honda and one of just five drivers to finish all three races and claimed fourth overall. Bernie Weier won 250 National and claimed fifth overall. Sixth overall was 125 cc winner Lindsay Jamieson.

John Caruana and Quinton Slabbert were the only Rotax drivers to complete all three races, so they claimed first and second overall as well as winning Rotax Light and Rotax Junior respectively. Joe Sciacca was second in Rotax Light for the day ahead of Grant McKay and Warwick Donksy who tied for points.

Rotax Heavy was claimed by Maberly having won both races the class contested. Jason Shaw was second from Stephen Scott.

Exclusive Auto Centre Superkart Challenge Series
Stock Honda
1st 1345 Jason Laker BRM BPM66 Honda
2nd 1006 Mark Vickers Arrow AX Honda

250 International
1st 1196 Carlo Chermaz Superkart Evolutions SKE II PVP
2nd 1037 Jason Smith Fuji Xerox/Zahl 1 Karting Anderson Maverick FPE
3rd 771 Steve Cloake Stockman MR2 Honda
4th 680 Vince Livaditis PVP
5th 219 Michael Nicholas Stockman MR2 Yamaha

250 National
1st 988 Bernie Weier Anderson Maverick GasGas
2nd 928 Barry Kunowski Team Electric Orange Formula 1 F2 Honda
3rd 742 Joe Tyrrell Racetech Motorsport Anderson Maverick Yamaha
4th 569 Daniel Lewis Lewis Plumbing Anderson Maverick Honda
5th 555 Sean Maberly Anderson Maverick Yamaha
6th 239 Paul Gregory Spider Racing Anderson Maverick Honda
7th 137 Justin Webb Spider Racing PFP Raider Honda

125 Gearbox
1st 943 Lindsay Jamieson Linra Properties Stockman MR2 Honda
2nd 824 Grant Yarrow Cougar EV-1 Honda
3rd 354 Paul Davis Flowtek Stockman MR2 Honda

Exclusive Auto Centre Rotax Max Superkart Cup
Rotax Light
1st 1540 John Caruana Top Kart
2nd 1236 Joe Sciacca Arrow X2
3rd 604 Grant McKay Intrepid Cruiser
4th 604 Warwick Donsky Arrow AX9
5th 341 Peter Nuske Wildkart
6th 303 Ron Tredgold Arrow X1
7th 257 John Thorogood FRC Environmental Arrow X2

Rotax Junior
1st 1296 Quintin Slabbert Arrow X1E

Rotax Heavy
1st 1112 Sean Maberly Intrepid Explorer
2nd 830 Jason Shaw AJS Electrical Arrow X1
3rd 625 Stephen Scott Laurus Enterprises Azzurro R6B
4th 468 Nick Marshall Arrow X1
5th 354 Stephen Kemmis Arrow AX6