motorsportzone 2016 series
250 International
With only 1 entry, Taylor Bertram should have been raking in the points with the good consistency he had at the last meeting. Unfortunately the F1 Honda RS250 was determined to self harm all weekend with 1 race finish for the weekend. It was just enough to get a small lead in the championship however.
1st: Taylor Bertram (F1 / HONDA)

250 National
The Gas Gas duo of the Crisp brothers showed they were ready for the onslaught from Dan Lewis returning with his revamped Anderson YZ Yamaha. But not all went to plan for Team AGL. Lachlan still enjoys a faultless run while Gareth had a small incident demolishing his nosecone in the process. Lewis won 2 out of the 5 races with a small electrical issue hampered his performance in race 4 and 5. The battle for 250 National supremacy continues November 12 - 13 at Queensland Raceway. Will also be the return of the third member of Team AGL, Adam Ferguson, with his new Gas Gas powerplant.
1st: Lachlan Crisp (STOCKMAN / GAS GAS)
2nd: Dan Lewis (Anderson/ Yamaha)
3rd: Gareth Crisp (ADE / GAS GAS)

125cc Gearbox
With Silcock absent from this event, Sam McFerran, Lindsay Jamieson and Jon Bothamley halled in the points. McFerran winning 5 from 5 raced but faced stiff competition from Lindsay Jamieson and Jon Bothamley. The Pavesi engine of Bothamley is showing signs it will be a serious contender for the championship in 2017.
1st: Sam McFerran (BRM /HONDA)
2nd:Jon Bothamley (F1 / Pavesi)
3rd: Lindsay Jamieson (STOCKMAN/ Honda)

Ever thought about trying Superkarts?

Ever thought about trying Superkarts? Here is your chance. The Queensland Superkart Club has an offer to KA licence holders for a meeting at Queensland Raceway November 12 and 13. Practice will be available in Friday 11th November for $80.00 half day and $120.00 full day. Entries close Thursday November 3rd.
Offer is as follows.
1. 50% off race entry (Save 147.50)
2. Membership will be honoury for 1 event (Save $80.00)
3. KA licence will be acknowledged by Queensland Raceways but proof that it is valid will need to be supplied.

Vale Luke Spalding

It comes with great sadness to announce that Luke Spalding has lost his fight with cancer today. Luke joined the Queensland Superkart Club Inc at the age of 15 only a few years ago in a 125cc Gearbox Superkart after just getting over the fight with Cancer the first time. He was a fast and clean driver and other competitors had nothing but praise for him. It was easy to tell early on that he was a talented driver.

2016 Round 5 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series entries open. Close Thursday September 1st

Entries for Round 5 of the 2016 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series are open and will close Thursday September 1st. Feel free to enter for the rest of the year while you are there. Practice available all day on the Friday 09/09/16 for $80.00 for a half day and $120.00 for a full day. Entry Fee $295.00 for each event. Interstate entries most welcome.


motorsportzone 2016 series
250 International
A field of 4 250 twins with Russell Jamieson setting some blistering lap times, even going close to the lap record. Taylor Bertram is now finding good consistency in the F1 Honda RS250. Was great to see Brian Wild return for his first event in 2016.
1st: Russell Jamieson (ANDERSON / DEA)
2nd: Taylor Bertram (F1 / HONDA)
3rd: Michael Nicholas (STOCKMAN / YAMAHA)

250 National
The Gas Gas trio of Weier and the Crisp brothers showed the way all weekend. Every race was virtually a drag race to the line every time. All 3 went very close to the lap record during the weekend. Weier in heat 5 had an incident in turn 2. Good to see he is ok, cant say the same for his Superkart however. The next round will be interesting with Dan Lewis returning with his revamped Anderson YZ Yamaha ready to challenge trio at Lakeside Park September 10 - 11.
1st: Tim Weier (ANDERSON / GAS GAS)
2nd: Lachlan Crisp (STOCKMAN / GAS GAS)
3rd: Gareth Crisp (ADE / GAS GAS)

125cc Gearbox
Where did Phil Silcocks reliability go? 3 DNF's in a single weekend has hurt his Motorsport Zone Superkart Series points lead. Lindsay Jamieson, Jon Bothamley and Sam McFerran wasted no time and swooped while Silcock was having an off weekend. At times, you could throw a blanket over the podium positions in each race.
1st: Sam McFerran (BRM /HONDA)
2nd: Lindsay Jamieson (STOCKMAN/ Honda)
3rd: Jon Bothamley (F1 / Pavesi)


The last Competition of the 2016 CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship ended logically with the deserved award and the second consecutive title for the Czech Adam Kout. But both Races were thrilling and gave the large audience a few twists, which is customary at Assen. Qualifying was a good example of the duel over the last year between Adam Kout (MS Kart / DEA) and the German Peter Elkmann (MS Kart / VM), the two leaders of the Championship, but the Frenchman Emmanuel Vinuales (Anderson / VM) recalled the good memories of all. Elkmann thought he had the pole, but it was stolen by Kout. Yannick De Brabander (MS Kart / VM), who had experienced a difficult start, managed to take back his role as the third strong man and the revelation of the season.
Title decided in first Race
Elkmann had the fastest start from Vinuales but Kout overtook and chased after Elkmann who had begun to escape. Kout saw the opening and flew off to take his second crown. Elkmann could not keep up a steady pace, so Vinuales and De Brabander caught up and passed. Andreas Jost (Anderson / VM) showed a good return to form. He almost joined De Brabander when he was already preparing to overtake Elkmann. The German managed to recover and reduce the gap to the top three drivers at the start of an epic last lap. Vinuales then had a gearbox problem and returned to the pits. Elkmann caught De Brabander, trying to outflank him, but the Belgian didn’t allow it. Both drivers were attacking side by side on the home straight which benefited Elkmann by a few centimetres! Behind Jost (Anderson / VM) in 4th, Daniel Clark (Anderson / VM) and Marcel Maasmann (Anderson / VM) were never able to touch the leaders. The title was already decided, and with four wins and a 3rd place he could not be surpassed in the standings.
First victory for Yannick De Brabander

2016 CIK-FIA Superkart Mono Cylinder Cup results

Congratulations to Gavin Bennett for winning the first CIK-FIA Superkart Mono Cylinder Cup. His consistent finishes in his Anderson/ DEA was just enough to win over Paul Platt in his MS Kart/ Gas Gas over the 6 race series. Third place was hard fort between Kennedy and Hulme with Kennedy taking third overall by just a single point.
Round 2 at Donington Park was interesting as Australian 250 National sensation, Jordan Ford, showed the world just how good he is. In fact winning race 3 opened a lot of peoples eyes up to his talent. Race 4 he was up the front when a fuel supply issue hampered his performance, possibly a win that got away. We hope to see Jordan Ford race the entire CIK-FIA Superkart Mono Cylinder Cup in 2017.

2016 Round 4 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series entries close this Friday August 5th QR

Entries for Round 4 of the 2016 Motorsport Zone Superkart Series to be held at Queensland Raceway August 13-14 will close this Friday August 5th at the latest. "Don't forget Round 4 is rapidly approaching. We visit the paperclip for the first time in 2016. So will the status quo remain the same or will the change of venue shake things up? Only time will tell.