NineTNine Team

The Team :-

nineTnine is a very newcomer to the sport of superkart racing , Only being around for the last 2 years , During this time we have had mixed success with a few wins , and a few of those “character building weekends” that come with motorsport .

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We are very much a family based team

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The Teams Mission Statement :-

To promote their sponsors and the sport through “perfection” of presentation.

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The Teams Sponsors :-

nineTnine are very proud to have two current sponsors :-

• The first is Motorsportzone as the naming rights sponsor for the 2013 season .
Motorsportzone is a web based all-inclusive motor sport community site with provision for all forms for motor sport with provision for Classifieds , Up to date event dates , lap buy lap event timing , lap timing archives & results
There web address is

• Second sponsor of the team is OneEleven

OneEleven is a company that associates itself with ‘perfection’ , and is one of the very best premier dining establishments in Brisbane.

There web address is

The Whys :-

• Why nineTnine ? .... Well nineTnine is a play on words of the team’s race number .

• Why 99 as a race number ? …. In earlier numerology and symbolism the number 99 is associated with ‘perfection’ …. 99 is also classed as a Master number .