RS125 Honda parts ( All now sold ... ) but for short 1st gear

Having changed to an other engine manufacture, I am now only keep one complete RS125 hond as a complete spare,

so all the extra spare are for sale..

Honda rs125 cylinder 2000 JHA porting  only 2 races since replating by Electoseal Melbourne **** SOLD ****

Honda RS125 late model cases  and gear side cover ( small fatigue crake at engine mount pick up can be easily welded ) **** SOLD ****

Honda RS125 crank complete (done approx 1600 km ) **** SOLD ****

Honda RS125 97 ECU ( leaded ) no powerjet control ) but good for superkart as more programed advanve that laeter model $125.00 **** SOLD ****

Honda RS125 Stator and retifer box ( with standard HRC connector ) $200  ( nolonger availe as spart part from honda ) **** SOLD ****

Honda RS125 Gearbox gears ration std 5 std 6 and std 1st  $100

Honda Rs125 Gear box gear optional short 1st gear  M and p3(32 tooth)  $80

Honda RS125 stockman pipe ( great condition ) suit std or modified cylinder..has EGT bungs weld in. comes with stinger but no muffer. $300 **** SOLD ****