Honda RS 125 Parts and Superkarts bits

PSR - Superkart Race Team Parts Sale

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Parts are shown at below cost, may consider sensible offers (will discount for bundle sale)

Images available Edwards Wheel and Race Tyres - all excellent condition

Tyres 6" Hoosier R45 rears x 2, R60A rears x 2, R60A fronts x 2 ALL NEW in wraps45's $90ea60's $90eawell below cost!
Wheels 6" Set Fr6x6 &Rr6x8 + Hoosier R60A (medium) - NEW tyres fitted and balanced$460.00
Wheels 6" Set Fr6x6 &Rr6x8 + Hoosier R60A (medium) Slicks - one meeting$200.00
Wheels 6" Set Fr6x6 &Rr6x8 + Dunlop Wets KT14 -  Full Wets, four races only$420.00
Wheels 6" Set Fr6x6 &Rr6x8 + Dunlop Wets KT6 Intermediates - few sessions only$420.00
Wheels 5" Set Fr &Rr used MGFZ tyres   sold
heels 6" x 5" wide - suit Anderson SK's - Edwards, Front rims only, 4 off EC - ea $25$100.00
Edwards axle mounting Wheel Hubs,  1 x 35mm rear, 2 x 25mm front, each $20$60.00
Carby Jet Board complete set Keihin/ MainJets 160 to 220 /needles 1268-69-70/pwr jets 38-40-42-45/pilotjets 45-50$325.00
HRC RS125R Keihin Powerjet Carby -JapanTech Karting portflowed venturi and billet custom trumpet, kartrace modified, complete$650.00
Race Pipe Expansion Chamber c/w Silencer -JapanTech Karting, one piece, kartrace modified for RS125/CR125$600.00
PSR custom ali carby antisurge tank c/w inlet/outlet/return$75.00
MotoTassinari VForce V3 Honda 125 reed valve carbon reeds -c/w spare set new reeds-gaskets$240.00
SUPERKART LIFTER - 'Thompson' worm drive actuator - new HD Marine Battery - mobile for workshop/loading - packs flat - none better$1,800.00sale pending
FlatChanger Module ignition cut, 'Zeeltronic' 6mm 'push' type, fits inline gearshift arm,$75.00
Williams' QuickChange Sprocket Carrier 35mm axle (engineer steel) c/w 20T sprocket VGC$120.00


RS125R Race Spares - all excellent condition

may separate sets or parts
Engine bottom end RS125R 2004 - rebuilt 05/18 K1 Racing h/speed bearings, seals t'out - none better - 0klm,  sold
Cylinder - HRC 2007 NEW OEM factory spec.(RARE never raced) c/w new head studs and exhaust flange$1,600.00
Cylinder - HRC 2000 - replated MilleniumTech USA  - Treadwell porting - mark GT12.1 det ring (nil seizure)$1,000.00
Cylinder - HRC 2001 replated Millenium Tech USA - Treadwell porting - mark GT15.3.det ring (nil seizure)$900.00
Stockman Race Pipe Expansion Chamber - top HP suits Garry Treadwell porting design c/w stinger and HRC muffler$850.00
Cylinder Head - spare - 10.5cc (@0.7sq) K1 Racing - High Comp$120.00
Cylinder Head - spare - 10.6cc (@0.7sq) K1 Racing - det ring$140.00
Cylinder Head - spare - 10.8cc (@0.7sq) K1 Racing - det ring$140.00
Cylinder Head - spare - 10.9cc (@0.7sq) K1 Racing - det ring$125.00
Cylinder Head - spare - 11.0cc (@0.7sq) K1 Racing -$100.00 HRC RS125R Maintenance Spares OEM piston circlips new bag 10off+$30.00
OEM HRC NF4 piston ring 0.8 new  $25.00 OEM Keihin HRC Pjet carby top cover c/w throttle cable adjuster used VGC$45.00
OEM Keihin HRC Pjet carby Float Set c/w inlet needle valve used VGC $60.00
OEM HRC Ignition Coil c/w Race Spark Plug Cap (blue) suit NGK short/long plugs little use P/C  $150.00
OEM HRC Race Spark Plug Cap (blue) resistor cap suit NGK short/long plugs little use VGC$50.00
OEM HRC Ignition Harness pre 2002 little use, tested P/C  $100.00
Aftermarket Silencer Outer polished aluminium (suit OEM HRC Muffler)$65.00
OEM HRC Silencer Glass Wool Insert new in pack $25.00 OEM HRC Exhaust flange - pipe split seal metal$10.00
OEM HRC Clutch Side Cover gasket  new$18.00 OEM HRC Gearbox Countershaft NEW in pack$110.00
OEM HRC Ignition Stator c/w PSR magneto guard used tested P/C $320.00
OEM HRC Rectifier new$125.00 OEM HRC RS125 Carby Manifold, 1 x New short 97 (top HP rare as)  sold
OEM HRC RS125R Carby Manifold '01 on, P/C $45.00
OEM HRC RS125R Reed Valve - c/w new reeds and spares$80.00
OEM HRC Reed Valve - K1 racing flow modified with carbon reeds$100.00
OEM HRC Gasket Reed valve to crankcase new$5.00
OEM HRC RS125 Clutch Assembly incl plates, outer, pressure plate, (excl centre) light use good working order $200.00
RS 125R Rebuilt K1 Engine Crank - JL-NX4 race performance aftermarket rod kit/$895.00
RS 125 Engine Cranks  race use <2000klm excellent for rebuilding (nil main bearing slip)$150.00