Super Saturday Superkart & Bike Night at Harry's Diner

Back by popular demand, Super Saturday Superkart & Bike Night at Harry's Diner is this Saturday night. Harry's Diner is at 104 Newmarket Road, Windsor in the Homemaker Centre. Feel free to go and see the boys to discover the best kept Motorsport secret, Superkarts.
This Saturday Night - 17th June. Starts at 5.30pm. Be there!

Last month, about 250 people turned up during the night - thanks to everyone who came, and hope you had a great night.

Entry is FREE for all people.

Remember to check in on facebook, so we can brag about how many people are here.

And thanks for a great Hump Day in May - this was an great night for all at Harry's Diner

Harry's Diner will be open for both made to order special items, priced from the menu, as well as our 'quick pick' of burger and regular can of soft drink. come and check our new menu.

As always, coffee, milkshakes and cold drinks are available.

Please follow the simple rules of:

1. Safe riding behaviour within the centre. Watch your speed, avoid skidding, wheelies, etc.

2. Be respectful of the property. Don't damage any of the neighbouring business's property etc.

3. Place rubbish in the bins provided.

4. Respect each other, whether young or old and no matter what they ride.

Support, where you can, to help ensure these events continue to run. Invite your friends, please share to help get this out to as many as possible.

See you all on Saturday night!