The 85cc Gearbox Class was alive and kicking in the QLD sun. Showing us that age in just a number, veteran racer and multiple 85cc Australian Champion Chryss Jamieson bought his Gladiator home in 3rd. 2nd place was Keith Taylor in his Honda powered Gladiator. Taking home the top prize was Cameron Moxley in Gladiator Yamaha kart!
In 2018, a new contender will grace the 85cc Superkart field. Dirt track speedway kart sensation, Zoe Smith (photo 2), will pilot the Zahl 1 Karting S & N Roofing AZ Kart/ Kawasaki for her first ever assault on the bitumen. Having nearly won the Queensland Championship in her class a few weeks ago and the Australian Championship is just weeks away, I am sure she will give the boys a hurry up in 2018.
The 85cc class is a good place for superkart new comers to start at a young age. Easy to put together as all you need is a KZ2 or sprint kart rolling chassis and the engine etc is available locally as a rule. They produce about 30hp, have 6 gears which is the important thing. Superkarts are a good stepping stone from Sprint karts for main stream motorsport. Feel free to contact the committee about getting yourself on track for 2018 onwards.