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The second event of the Championship of Europe CIK-FIA de Superkart takes place August 4 & 5 on the TT in Assen temple of speed circuit. This unmissable for discipline is the most popular. Indeed, the Superkart is included to the program of the 'Gamma Racing Day' event that attracts an audience still very numerous (more than 90,000 spectators in 2016) sensitive to the various parades. This year's team Renault F1 which will be the star of the demonstrations with the presence of Nico Hulkenberg.

Not support two strong leaders of the 1st (Donington) event results and analysis of the races at Assen suggest that uncertainty in the Championship could be extended. Indeed on this circuit, favorites have to deal with the outsiders, which can encourage the sharing of points. A little less than 40 engaged are planned including 4 French (Julien Goullancourt, Thierry Vandemeulebroucke, Arnaud Legoubin and Jean-Marc Marchèse).

In theory, we should attend the recurring clash between outgoing Champion Czech Adam Kout (MsKart/DEA) and German Peter Elkmann (Anderson/VM), duel now mediated by the Belgian Yannick Brabander (MsKart/VM). However, the vagaries of racing in England have somewhat redistributed the cards. Peter Elkmann remains on incredible momentum. As part of the Championship of France, he won all the popular races and systematically beats them circuit in the discipline demonstrating his level of performance. Winner of a race at Donington, it nevertheless had to give up the other while leading. Historically, the circuit of Assen succeeds less to the German who was here more difficult to find a good balance between engine power and set-up but it changed to mount. It will probably be more comfortable. A.Kout, late in a first confrontation in Magny-Cours at the beginning of the season, was able to find the speed at Donington but he too has to give up once. The big beneficiary in the championship so for now is Yannick de Brabander, who earned a win and a podium in Britain. Assen is synonymous with good memory for the Flemish. It is here that he signed his 1st victory in Superkart last year.

Several protagonists should stand out: the Dutch Marcel Maasmann (Anderson/VM) routinely well placed at home, often podium (victorious in 2015) will be one of them. He'll find as opponent the British Liam Morley (Anderson/DEA), second at Donington and the interim general. The track is favourable to its top speed (two podiums in 2015, penalized in 2016 while he was in the running for another podium finish). Among the British, it will also follow Daniel Clark (Anderson/VM), hard to the outposts last year, author of a podium at Donington. Side German, another driver may appear, Andreas Jost (Anderson/VM) who found his fighting spirit. Side Francophone, the best representative should be Julien Goullancourt (Anderson/DEA), package at Donington because just too physically. Among the Dutch delegation, Léo Kurtsjens could play place. He gained a regularity this season that positions on the front lines
Note, the return in the women's discipline, Priscilla Speelman, ex of his country who réincorpore his team usual (MSKart/VM). Single cylinder Cup remains open. It is played between the experienced Gavin Bennett (Anderson/DEA) winner of the 2016 Cup and ex-champion of Europe in twins, Paul Platt (Anderson/Gas-Gas), multi champion of Great Britain, in return to form recently home and provisional leader and the Australian Jordan Ford (Anderson/DEA). After his victory at Donington, decided to return to Europe to participate in the entire Championship. The final will take place at le Mans on October 28 & 29.
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