Formula Junior Superkart (Formula JSK)

After trialling at a test day with juniors in 2017, the QSC Inc has held early discussions with Qld Raceways and now with Racers Insurance, the underwriters for QR. All stake holders agree that large format motorsport needs a junior support group with pathways to open competition. All stakeholders agree that the QSC Inc Inc is best placed to offer this pathway through Formula JSK. There is still some way to go and there are still many hurdles to mitigate but we all feel confident that this can be accomplished by structuring a strategic plan for the QSC Inc. There are meetings planned over the next two weeks so please be patient and stay tuned for updates.
In the meantime please refrain from rushing out to buy equipment or machinery as the end Formula may vary, with that being said, the QSC has put forward the starting age of 12 years and the use of a CIK-FIA shifter kart chassis with an 85cc engine/gearbox (manufacturer to be determined but likely to be a YZ85), restricted carb size of 28mm with a set exhaust pipe and aerodynamics, consisting of a nose cone and rear tail assembly for downforce and stability. With the addition of a aerodynamic nosecone, you can make them look very cool like this Stock Honda pictured